Alzheimer’s Idaho offers three separate training programs:

Dementia Behaviors: Our signature class provides day-to-day assist to those caregiving.  For each successful moment we have in understanding the behaviors that accompany this disease, we can bring peace to both the person affected with the disease, and their families. We always want to remember, “behaviors are communication”. This class, or individual training with families, is approximately one hour long and is offered without cost to affected families. We also provide training to professionals for their staff or planned conferences, etc. You may inquire by email or call us 208-914-4719.

  • A special note to be made is that if you are not in the immediate area, or isolated in your home due to caregiving, Alzheimer’s Idaho can offer the “Dementia Behaviors” class via Skype. This method is also without cost to the families.
  • This class available to professionals and organizations with a donation of choice.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers: This training is another class offered through Friends in Action and is designed to allow caregivers to take better care of themselves and reduce the stress they attempt to manage each day.  Alzheimer’s Idaho’s Executive Director is one of the Master Trainers for this class.