Assist for Doctors and Families Regarding Driving Issues

Alzheimer's DMV Form Letter

The worry and concern that comes with an affected family member with Alzheimer’s/dementia can be both concerning and stressful on an ongoing basis. Alzheimer’s Idaho can give some easy solutions to eliminating this very important safety issue, and we can also provide a helpful tool to the doctors and/or family members that might want to assist their doctor in this effort.

With that said, please feel free to print off our DMV (sample) form letter that can be utilized by the doctor when submitting to DMV for an affected patient. This letter will serve as consideration for revoking or limiting the affected family member’s license. This sample letter will give the doctor an opportunity to submit their letter to DMV knowing all required information is included.

Feel free to call and discuss your specific situation in regards to driving issues, and we will be glad to help assist in making this difficult situation easier for you.