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$2500 Winner!

Alzheimer’s Idaho, Inc. is proud to announce that after 8 years of our golf tournaments, we have a $2,500 Putting Contest Winner! CONGRATULATIONS TO RON WHETTER, who with one fantastic putt, earned himself the $2,500 for that stellar effort! Alzheimer’s Idaho could not be more pleased in being able to award that exciting moment!


As part of our “Give Back” program offered to our affected families, we now offer our “Twiddlemuffs”. We are able to offer these at no cost to family members and facilities that have residents/patients because we have volunteers that lovingly create and offer them to us to gift to others. They help eliminate the challenges […]

Thank you to all of our sponsors and teams

“Thank you” to all our sponsors and teams who were responsible for our 8% increase of this years Alzheimer’s Idaho Big Al’s Bowling Tournament. It was again a very fun evening for all including professionals, families, and a team of assisted living residents. That strong support will enable Alzheimers Idaho to assist over 200 families […]

Morning Pointe’s “weighted blankets” provide therapeutic benefits

Plush blankets — known as weighted blankets — are used by residents at Morning Pointe of Brentwood, and they are clinically proven to provide benefits for people living with anxiety and depression. But according to Heather McCarl, Lantern program director at Morning Pointe, they are also useful for Alzheimer’s and dementia residents dealing with restlessness, […]

Jim Chally Presented With Spirit Of Freedom Award

Jim Chally, a member of the Board of Directors for Alzheimer’s Idaho, Inc., was presented with Senator Crapo’s Spirit of Freedom Award on Veteran’s Day which recognizes the continued service of veterans. Jim has offered more thatn 2,000 hours as a caregiver for local veterans. We are so proud and privileged to have Jim as […]

Dementia Risk Declines, And Education May Be One Reason Why

BY JON HAMILTON, NPR While the prevalence of dementia cases dropped, the average amount of education in the study population increased. In 2000, the average amount of education was 11.8 years, just shy of the 12 years it usually takes to graduate from high school. In 2012, the average amount of education was 12.7 years […]

Dementia rates decline sharply among senior citizens

BY JON HAMILTON, NPR A new study finds that the prevalence of dementia has fallen sharply in recent years, most likely as a result of Americans’ rising educational levels and better heart health, which are both closely related to brain health. Read the full article at PBS…

Assist for Doctors and Families Regarding Driving Issues

The worry and concern that comes with an affected family member with Alzheimer’s/dementia can be both concerning and stressful on an ongoing basis. Alzheimer’s Idaho can give some easy solutions to eliminating this very important safety issue, and we can also provide a helpful tool to the doctors and/or family members that might want to […]

A Protein That May Tie Exercise To Memory

BY JON HAMILTON, NPR Researchers have identified a substance in muscles that helps explain the connection between a fit body and a sharp mind. Read the full article at NPR…